Having had a successful career in sales and leadership for twenty-five years, in 2011 a change of circumstances gave me the opportunity to fulfill a life long ambition of working with horses.

Due to some behavioural difficulties I had experienced with my own horse I had become familiar with the work of the Natural Animal Centre (NAC) and their approach to animal behaviour qualifications for professional behaviourists.

I embarked on my studies with NAC in 2011 and qualified in 2012, I continued my studies with NAC up to Stage 3 and will always love learning and studying with a wide variety of people and professional bodies.

How I work

How I work

I am committed to sharing my knowledge in a practical and applied way and I would like to reach as many horses and owners as possible. There are endless reasons why some horses find life challenging and this is why I offer consultations (under veterinary referral) and because I believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’ I also actively promote my educational talks and clinics which I run for colleges, livery yards, riding clubs and anyone who will listen!

The Principles of my work

The Principles of my work

All my work is aimed at reducing fear, pain, stress and anxiety from horses lives as far as is practical for any particular horse and handler depending on their individual circumstances. Consultations start with going through some history for the horse. Often the recommendations will involve some husbandry changes as well as developing a bespoke behaviour modification plan, or for less complex cases a revised force free training plan. My mission is to share knowledge with as many people as I can. Promoting sensible horsemanship with the science of behaviour and learning as a firm foundation.

Services I offer:

    • Horse Behaviour Consultations
    • Educational talks for yard staff, colleges, vets, riding clubs etc
    • Horse training advice and coaching using force free methods
    • Horse management and husbandry advice including enrichment
    • Training support for training 'life skills' for horses (loading, travelling, vets, farrier, worming etc)
    • Specialist advice on separation anxiety
    • Clicker training for horses
    • Expert witness relating to equines
    • Horse Agility training and competitions
    • Equine Facilitated coaching
    • Transitioning horse and rider to riding bitless
    • Enlightened Equitation Rider coaching of the classical seat
    • I am also an active member and volunteer for BHS in Somerset
    • Liberty Training

Please call me for a chat if you have any questions not covered in this list.


Enlightened Equitation rider coaching on your own horse £40 per hour

Semi private lessons £30 per rider

Behaviour Consultations £100 (these are normally at least 2 hours and includes a full report for both you and your vet and a Behaviour Modification Plan tailored to you and your horse’s needs)

Follow up consultations £45 per hour

Horse Agility £40 for members or £45 for non members

Staff training or educational talks £45 per hour (2 hour min)

My day rate is £240 (9 - 4pm or 10 - 5pm)

Half day £130

Mileage 40p per mile over 10m from my home postcode in West Buckland TA21

I offer a 15% chairty discount on all the above rates (except Horse Agility)

To support my work I am also:

      • Trainer of positive reinforcement training methods
      • A qualified clicker trainer
      • Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and Judge (HAAT)
      • Enlightened Equitation Classical Seat Training Coach (EET)
      • Equine Facilitated Coach
      • Facilitator with Lead Change and Horse Heard

Personally I prefer to ride bitless when I can and my horses are barefoot, but I am not on a crusade and believe we must stay safe and should all do what is right for our horses and our personal circumstances.


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I am a member of the board as Trustee for The British Horse Society. I am also a BHS Welfare Officer for Somerset. I have full public liability, professional indemnity insurance, Freelance Riding Instructor insurance and I am a member of Equine Behaviour and Training Association (EBTA) and the Equine Behaviour Forum. I live with my husband, 2 dogs, 4 horses and 5 sheep in Wellington near Taunton in Somerset.