Enlightened Equitation

I train with Heather Moffett and achieved my EE Teacher Level 1 in March 2016 so I am now pleased to be able to offer rider coaching of the classical seat on your own horse.

Enlightened Equitation is a unique, simple and logical approach teaching riding and a humane training of horses. Founded by the British “specialist teacher of the classical seat” Heather Moffett.

It has become ‘the norm’ to see horses being punished for not moving correctly in ridden situations when it actually might be the rider who is preventing the horse from being able to move their body correctly. It might be that the rider is driving with their seat, gripping with the legs or has an imbalance. Unfortunately instead of creating a forward motion this would be disturbing the horse and preventing him from using his back correctly.

By correct use of the leg the rider is able to activate the hind legs which prevents the horse stiffening and ‘boarding up’ his ribcage in defense. This allows the ribcage to swing as it should and the hind legs are able to step under. So in other words if the horse is blocked he will be unable to move forward correctly.

During your lesson I will focus on these important details:

• To get a correct, elegant and effective seat that works with the horse instead of against it.

• To be able to apply the aids so that they are clear to the horse but not obvious to the onlooker and apply them in a way that works with the biomechanics of the horse.

• How to synchronize the rider’s movements with the horse and absorb the movement.

• To use timing and feel well.

• To develop a relaxed, willing and happy horse.

I have Freelance Instructor Insurance, Public and Professional Liability, First Aid and Safeguarding.  During August 2016 I completed my Level 2 training and hope to achieve certification to this level in the next few months.

Coaching sessions are:
£40 for 1 hour private lesson
£30 each for a semi private lesson

(I offer a 15% discount for charities)

Mileage charged at 40p per mile outside a radius of 10m from West Buckland, Wellington Somerset.

For more information about the Enlightened Equitation way of riding please visit the website at www.enlightenedequitation.com where you will also find me listed in the accredited trainers section.