Equagility!!! – New for January 2017!!!

Introducing the new and very exciting ridden element to Horse Agility!!

Equagility has 5 obstacles which are completed ‘in hand’ first and then mounted and ridden by the same handler.

The really exciting thing about this new element to our wonderful sport is that all the competitions are ridden without a bit!! This is fantastic for your riding skill as it teaches you to not rely on your reins for turning and stopping, it helps the rider concentrate on less severe riding aids and increases the communication between horse and rider!!

Whilst learning we recommend that the rider uses a bridle with a bit on the horse’s head so there is always a safety mechanism should it be needed. Most horses adapt to being ridden bitless very quickly and generally love it as long as sensible ground work is done first so both horse and rider know what to expect.

I will be running events at Conquest Centre in Taunton from March – please see the events tab for dates and how to book. I am also available to run events at yards or for riding clubs, please get in touch!!

More information on the OLHA competitions, levels, scoring, leagues etc can be found on the Horse Agility website (left)